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Information for Parents

Choosing a nursery is a big decision for any parent – you want the very best care, education and safety. Many of our parents come to us through friends recommendations or are previous customers.

If you are thinking of looking for a nursery these are some of the things we suggest you may want to look out for:

  • Do the children look well-stimulated, sitting down at activities, engaged by the staff?
  • How is the day structured and what sort of activities are built into the timetable?
  • Does the building look well-kept, safe and secure? Are the registration and insurance certificates on display?
  • Does the nursery have an open-door policy so parents and prospectives can visit any time?
  • How many of the staff are qualified? A good nursery will have most staff at Level 3 or above.
  • What is staff turnover like – stability of care is important to children.
  • How often do children access the outdoors area?
  • Does the setting have a qualified teacher or an Early Years professional?
  • Does indoor and outdoor equipment appear of good quality?
  • Do they cook food fresh on the premises?
  • What are the menus like? Do they include a good combination of fresh (rather than tinned) fruit and vegetables?
  • Do you have confidence that the nursery manager possesses strong leadership skills, is well involved and has a ‘hands on’ approach?
  • Have a read through the nursery’s policies – such as safeguarding
  • Also read their last Ofsted inspection report.
  • What sort of opening hours do you need?
  • Is there a waiting list for places (common in smaller nurseries)?

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