Parkland Partnership

About Parkland Partnership

Parkland Partnership
A Social Enterprise 

Parkland Partnership is a partnership of several social enterprises offering Education provision and other services. We run children’s day care nurseries primarily with the view to achieving our Social Enterprise Objectives of:

To improve standards of and opportunities for education in children’s formative years

To provide support, guidance and assistance to educational, care and other settings

To offer subsidised placements for those in need of respite and support

Our Philosophy

All children are special, unique and to be valued and respected.

At Parklands partnership we plan to meet all areas of a child’s development to include all of their emotional, physical, social and intellectual needs.

We achieve this through having a well-planned curriculum within a friendly, inclusive environment which provides access to the latest learning technology and multisensory teaching techniques to be fully inclusive, so that we can provide the highest standard of pre-school education that is child-led and fully interactive supported by the latest ICT equipment.

We aim to combine a happy atmosphere with an environment which will help your child to develop confidence, social skills and the ability to live, learn and enjoy being with other children and adults.